Wolves & Mountain Caribou

For decades, industrial activity, including logging, mining, oil & gas have decimated caribou habitat throughout British Columbia. Industry went unchecked while mountain caribou populations dwindled. In the past two years, two herds in southeastern British Columbia were extirpated. Meanwhile, high-impact recreational activity (snowmobiling, ATVing and heli-skiing) has added additional pressure to mountain caribou populations. Today, wolves are being trapped and shot by a government-funded program which seeks to scapegoat predators while industry continues to destroy critical habitat.

We are asking the provincial government to:

  • Disrupt linear features to reduce predator-caribou interactions and immediately stop the wolf cull. A study released in March of 2019 suggests disrupting linear features can reduce wolf-caribou interactions by up to 70%. This approach respects biodiversity and the critical role wolves play in maintaining ecosystems. Disrupting linear features can put loggers back to work and directly engages communities where endangered mountain caribou live.

  • Prohibit trapping of wolves within and adjacent to endangered mountain caribou habitat. This will ensure packs are not splintered, which can have the effect of increasing wolf density.

  • Enact immediate closure of all snowmobiling and help-skiing within federally-mapped, core critical habitat. Snowmobiling has been identified as a contributor to the decline in endangered mountain caribou due to noise pollution and habitat disturbance. Snowmobile tracks create predator highways that animals like wolves and cougars use to access caribou during winter months in high-elevation habitat where otherwise, access would be near impossible. Heli-skiing disturbs caribou through noise pollution and interrupts important feeding times.

  • Fund a comprehensive impact study on all recreational activity within federally-mapped, core critical habitat and its effect on the species.

  • Fund a comprehensive research study on the overall health of the South Selkirk ecosystem to better direct future conservation initiatives. Caribou are known as the canary in the coal mine, meaning they are an indicator of the overall health of an ecosystem.

  • Prohibit new logging/mining/oil/gas permits within federally-mapped, core critical habitat. 

  • Fund Indigenous-led maternal penning programs across the province to help re-establish endangered caribou populations. 

We are asking the federal government of Canada to:

  • Issue an emergency protection order for endangered mountain caribou. These animals are running out of time and without immediate action, are on a sure path to extinction.


A fresh clearcut in federally-mapped, core critical habitat of endangered mountain caribou - Wells Gray/Thompson area. Photo credit: Wildlife Defence League/ Burning Hearts Media

A fresh clearcut in federally-mapped, core critical habitat of endangered mountain caribou - Wells Gray/Thompson area. Photo credit: Wildlife Defence League/Burning Hearts Media

Endangered Mountain Caribou:

Through thorough research, we identify logging and other forms of industrial activity and recreational activity (snowmobiling & heli-skiing) taking place in federally-mapped, core critical habitat. We then send field crews in to monitor and document this activity and use the content we obtain to hold government accountable in protecting endangered mountain caribou.


Our wolf fieldwork uses trail cameras, camera traps and tracking techniques to identify wolves being targeted under the government-sponsored cull program. We seek to tell the stories of these wolves who face such a horrific fate in order to mobilize the community to take action in protecting them.

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Tell the newly elected federal government it’s time to issue an emergency protection order for mountain caribou. The provincial government has failed to protect the species and time is running out to save them.


To the Premier of British Columbia, the Honourable John Horgan and the Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development, the Honourable Doug Donaldson, respectfully asking them to protect federally-mapped, core critical habitat of endangered mountain caribou and to end to the wolf cull. You can use points from our ask to the provincial government above in your letter.


Ask them their position on endangered mountain caribou and the wolf cull. If they support conserving endangered mountain caribou and ending the wolf cull, ask what they intend to do about it. If they support a wolf cull to protect mountain caribou, ask why, share your reasons for opposing it and ask that they reconsider. Lastly, if they don’t support mountain caribou conservation, ask why and share your reasons for supporting it and ask that they reconsider.


We need your help to continue our work to protect endangered mountain caribou and their habitat and to end the wolf cull. Please donate today and encourage your friends to get informed and involved!