There is no such thing as a meat hunt for grizzly bears.

After years of pressure from Coastal First Nations, conservation organizations and citizens, British Columbia finally got a full ban on grizzly bear trophy hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest, but elsewhere the BC NDP will allow a “meat” hunt.

No one in British Columbia eats grizzly bear meat but, fearing backlash from the hunting lobby, when the BC NDP 'ended' grizzly bear trophy hunting they caved to pressure, creating a loophole and allowing trophy hunters to masquerade as meat hunters.

This is not the ban 91% of British Columbians wanted. 

As luck would have it, the government has yet to close the file. The policy hasn’t even been implemented and already they’re signalling they’re open to feedback.

We know the BC NDP's actions on the grizzly bear hunt will carefully consider public pressure on this issue, so we’re asking for your help to ensure our presence is continued to be felt in Victoria, in the field, online, and in the news.

Today, we're working to raise $7000 to help our volunteers team keep up the direct engagement and get back into the field this spring.

With your support, our team of volunteers will be able to work both fronts of this fight:

    •    in the field, monitoring the "meat hunt" and exposing it for the fraud that it is, and
    •    in Victoria, by directly engaging policymakers to make your voice heard.

Please donate today to help end the trophy hunt for once and for all.