Take a stand for endangered mountain caribou in British Columbia today!

Photo credit: Wildlife Defence League/Burning Hearts Media

Photo credit: Wildlife Defence League/Burning Hearts Media

Last week our crew were in the field with the Wilderness Committee in search of active logging in critical habitat of endangered mountain caribou. What we found shocked us…

A logging company was carving a new road into some of the last intact critical habitat of the Wells Gray mountain caribou herd. We discovered 543 hectares of habitat slated to be cut and documented extensive clearcutting in critical habitat which has taken place within the year. This habitat is crucial to the survival of this endangered herd, yet the provincial government of British Columbia is still permitting logging to take place.

The provincial government has thus far failed on the mountain caribou file. Herds continue to decline as logging and other industrial activity target remaining critical habitat. The species needs your help!

Take action by sending an e-mail to Premier John Horgan and Doug Donaldson, Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development, politely asking them to issue a moratorium on logging and other forms of industrial activity within federally-mapped, core critical habitat of endangered mountain caribou until a genuine conservation plan is in place.