WDL applauds Grizzly Bear Foundation's Board of Inquiry Report

Photo credit: Sam Edmonds

Photo credit: Sam Edmonds

WDL applauds today’s announcement by the Grizzly Bear Foundation regarding the protection of British Columbia’s grizzly bears. Following a Board of Inquiry launched last fall to investigate the status and future of grizzlies throughout the province, the foundation released its findings, which included a recommendation to ban the grizzly bear hunt.

“..Of all the factors that have a negative influence on our grizzly bear populations, hunting is the one that is easiest to eliminate. Simply stop the hunt. This will free up enormous amounts of energy from government staff and hunters alike to focus on other threats to the grizzly population.”

The province’s grizzlies have been listed as a "species of special concern" by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC). Meanwhile, government population estimates have been called into question by independent scientists and public opposition to the hunt is overwhelming. A recent poll found that 90% of British Columbians support legislative action to ban trophy hunting. 

That the BC Liberal government continues to ignore science, ethics and public opinion by handing out tags to hunt this species for trophy is unacceptable. 

The upcoming provincial election, set for May 9th, 2017, is our opportunity to end the grizzly bear trophy hunt. Our toolkit will help you mobilize your community in making the hunt an election issue - organize a local screening of Lush Cosmetics' short documentary, "Trophy"; host a letter/email-writing night; hand out leaflets at events or in public gathering places; and utilize our template letters to contact election candidates and call for their support for a ban on the hunt. 

We look forward to the work that the Grizzly Bear Foundation will undertake in the protection of a truly iconic and magnificent species. You can learn more about the organization through their website and social media channels listed below!

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