Strong majority of British Columbians support legislation that would ban trophy hunting

A new nationwide Insights West poll reveals a strong majority of Canadians support legislative action to ban trophy hunting. In the online survey of a representative sample of Canadians, 80% support such legislation and in British Columbia support reaches 90%.

The results of this poll are timely. British Columbia's provincial election, set for May 9th, 2017, is fast approaching and it's more important now than ever to push for a provincial ban on the highly controversial grizzly bear hunt. 

We’ve put together a toolkit intended to empower the vast majority of British Columbians opposed to the hunt in making it an election issue. We'll help you organize a local screening of Lush Cosmetics' short documentary, "Trophy"; host a letter/email-writing night; hand out leaflets at events or in public gathering places; and utilize our template letters to contact election candidates and call for their support for a ban on the hunt. 

We’re here to provide logistical support and help you connect with others in your community who want to see the hunt banned, so check out our TrophyFreeBC toolkit and contact us to get started! Not from British Columbia but still want to take action? Get in touch with us! You can also donate to help us organize outreach efforts in the lead up to the election.

Together we can put BC's grizzly bear hunt where it belongs - in the past!