Grizzly Mothers Targeted In British Columbia's Trophy Hunt

Photo credit: Trish Boyum

Photo credit: Trish Boyum

Mother’s Day - a celebration honouring motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. This incredible connection is not limited to the human species and yet, as you read this, there are grizzly mothers emerging from winter dens with their cubs that are being targeted by trophy hunters in the recently opened spring hunt. 

Grizzlies are very protective of their young and will stay with them for at least two years. It’s during this time that they will be taught everything they need to know in order to survive independently, that is if they manage to avoid crossing paths with trophy hunters waiting to pick them off in their most vulnerable state.

Although it is frowned upon to shoot female grizzlies, it is nearly impossible to distinguish males from females. In fact, research has shown that one-third of reported kills by trophy hunters are females. Shooting a fertile female is the equivalent of killing all the cubs she would have given birth to over the course of her life. Considering that grizzlies have the lowest reproduction rate of North American land mammals adds to the stupidity of a spring hunt.

Beyond the inability of trigger-happy trophy hunters to distinguish between male and female bears, is the reality that young cubs are often safely hidden out of sight, leaving them to starve or be killed by predators when their mother is shot.

On all accounts, the spring trophy hunt is unethical, unscientific, inhumane and downright disrespectful of the maternal bond that extends beyond our species. This Mother’s Day, we hope that you’ll join us in defending the relationship between mother and cub by calling on Premier Christy Clark ( and Minister Steve Thomson ( to end the grizzly hunt in British Columbia.