Activists Drop Banner At Site Of BC Wolf Cull In Message To Bighorn Helicopters And The Provincial Government

Photo: Sam Edmonds

Photo: Sam Edmonds

SOUTH SELKIRK, February 3, 2016 - BC-based conservation organization, Wildlife Defence League, took to ground zero of the province’s wolf cull to send a strong message on behalf of BC taxpayers to the Liberal government and Bighorn Helicopters.

Members dropped a banner in a forest cut-block in BC’s South Selkirk region, demanding the government and Bighorn Helicopters “stop killing wolves”. The group’s surveillance team captured the banner from the air, while out patrolling the area for evidence of the ongoing cull. The region is an epicentre of the province’s controversial wolf cull, where wolves are being blamed for the decline in caribou populations. In the South Selkirk and South Peace regions, the BC government aims to kill 200 wolves, primarily by sharp shooters in helicopters, in its second year of a five-year plan. 

This despite continued habitat destruction and disturbance in and around caribou habitat, including logging, mining, oil and gas projects and recreational activity, which opponents argue are the root cause for the decline in caribou.

“Bighorn Helicopters is responsible for the slaughter of over 1000 wolves in the last decade and they continue this legacy of killing wolves, including mothers and pups, through their role in the government-sponsored, taxpayer-funded wolf cull. We are calling on the BC government and Bighorn Helicopters to end the cull and reallocate those resources to caribou habitat protection and restoration.” said Tommy Knowles, Campaign Director for Wildlife Defence League. 

Wildlife Defence League has launched a campaign against Bighorn Helicopters for the second year in a row. They are calling on the public to contact the company and request they drop their wolf kill contract with the government of British Columbia. The organization is also on the ground in the South Selkirk region in an effort to monitor, document and expose the cull and showcase the true reasons for the decline in caribou.