Government Stoops to New Low in BC Wolf Cull

Commentary by Wildlife Defence League

Shocking new information has revealed that Liberal government contractors intend to follow wolves to their dens to slaughter entire packs, including pups. 'Judas' wolves, as they have come to be known, will be collared and traced to the pack's location, making it that much easier to destroy them throughout the South Peace and South Selkirk.

Last year, the Liberal government ordered the killing of 84 wolves in the South Selkirk and South Peace Region to allow for the recovery of dwindling caribou herds. Despite the Liberal's claim that wolves were to blame for loss of caribou, independent science points towards industrial expansion as the true reason for the decline. Recently, a Freedom of Information Request obtained by the Wilderness Committee outlines the timber industries attempt to avoid putting restrictions on logging by suggesting a wolf cull to the Liberal government.

The latest article by 24 hours Vancouver is further proof that Christy Clark and the Liberal's care not about conservation, sustainability or ethics but narrowly focus on economics with the intention of lining their pockets.

When we founded the Wildlife Defence League, it was because we knew that our government would never take the necessary steps to protect wildlife. Come this winter, we have every intention of ensuring that wolves in British Columbia roam freely, away from government contracted killers and those who intend to destroy these magnificent animals.

We need your support to get into the field for the second year in a row to monitor, document and expose the wolf cull.  Please donate today and join us in the fight for genuine wildlife conservation.