Press Release: Wildlife Defence League Calls For Ban On Trophy Exports

[For Immediate Release]

October 8, 2015

Wildlife Defence League Calls For Ban On Trophy Exports

Wildlife Defence League (WDL) is joining the call to end the export of trophy animals from Canada.

We are calling on Canada’s two major airlines – West Jet and Air Canada- to ban trophy exports altogether.  As all of the major airlines acknowledged when they banned exports of big game from Africa in the wake of Cecil the Lion’s death, airlines play a pivotal role in supporting this cruel industry. Without a way to ship trophies, trophy hunters will stop coming to Canada.

Sport hunting is not just an issue isolated to Africa, as highlighted by the recent case in which NHL player Clayton Stoner killed a well- known grizzly bear in British Columbia and cut its head and paws off for a trophy. There is no difference between Cecil the Lion and the animals senselessly killed right here in British Columbia. In fact, a recent poll suggests 91% of BC residents oppose the trophy hunting of wildlife.

“We are concerned that, although it was the right thing to do, the airlines’ response was purely symbolic as neither airline flies to countries where the African big five are hunted.   The airlines have an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to ending the trophy hunt by banning trophy exports right here in Canada.”   -  Tommy Knowles, Campaign Director, WDL.

 Building on Pacific Wild's petition, WDL is calling on Air Canada and WestJet to stop exporting trophy animals out of Canada and to take meaningful action to protect the iconic species, such as the grizzly bear, black bear and wolf.