Ban Trophy Exports Campaign: Our response, to WestJet's response

WestJet is telling customers who have expressed concerns over the airline's export of Canadian animal trophies that they need not worry - they don't export a lot of them. WestJet recognizes, in their response, that the death of Cecil the lion understandably led to an international review of trophy hunting. 

Our response is to ask WestJet why they acknowledge the killing of Cecil the lion, yet turn a blind eye to the bears, wolves, cougar, lynx and bobcat targeted for sport here in our backyard.

Why do our national airlines, WestJet and Air Canada, show selective compassion through refusing to carry African Big Five trophies, all the while happily exporting Canadian wildlife slaughtered for sport.

91% of BC residents oppose trophy hunting. Coastal First Nations have banned the practice. There is no right way to do the wrong thing; no ethical way to do what is unethical. 

If the African Big Five trophy transport ban was worth enacting, considering neither airline even flies them, then surely it's worth extending to Canadian animal trophies both airlines actually do fly.

Please join us in calling on Air Canada & WestJet to extend their ban to include Canadian animal trophies.   


WestJet's response:

"Thank you for contacting WestJet regarding the transportation of animal trophies. Understandably the loss of Cecil the lion sparked an international review of the practice of hunting animals as trophies. The topic has become a focal point for many of our fellow Canadians when we look at the hunting of our own unique wildlife here at home.
WestJet has transported Canadian animal trophies in the past but it has not been a common occurrence as our baggage and packing restrictions make it fairly difficult for our guests to do so. From what we understand, most hunters choose to transport their animal trophies with companies that specialize in this type of shipping to protect their investment.
WestJet complies with the regulations that are in place to protect endangered wildlife in accordance with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.
I have passed your feedback along for use in future decisions regarding our policies pertaining to the transportation of Canadian game. Thank you for providing us with your feedback on this topic."