Wildlife Defence League’s wild cat fieldwork is centred around finding a more ethical & science-based approach to managing mountain lion, lynx & bobcat in British Columbia.


Storytelling is an important part of our fieldwork. We use use trail cameras, camera traps and tracking techniques to document wild cats. We seek turn awareness into action for these animals who face numerous threats to their survival, including habitat destruction and fragmentation, climate change, hunting and trapping.

Photo credit: Simon Ager

Photo credit: Simon Ager

Identifying & protecting critical habitat & wildlife corridors

Mountain lions require connected habitat where they can immigrate, emigrate and travel safely. As of 2019, the provincial government of British Columbia has yet to release a management plan for the species and very little research has been done to address lion conservation. Through field research and consultation with biologists and ENGOs working on identifying and establishing wildlife corridors, we seek to set aside conservation areas for mountain lions where habitat disturbance is limited, connectivity and coexistence is encouraged and hunting is prohibited.

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