Artist In Residence 

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Sarah ronald

Sarah moved to the southern west coast of British Columbia after growing up in the interior (Summerland) and receiving her BFA in Kelowna in 2001. Since that time Sarah has participated in a range of group and solo exhibitions, sat on an array of arts boards and committees, and has been an active arts participant in her own community and several communities around the Lower Mainland. She has fulfilled many commissions and her work can be found in private collections throughout North America and abroad.  Sarah has been a member of THRIVE Mastermind for several years and is excited to consider creative partnerships with non-profits and businesses alike. 

Artist-in-residence programs and other residency opportunities exist to invite artists, academicians, curators to reside within the premises of an institution. Some residency programs are incorporated within larger institutions, such as museums, universities, or galleries. Since Wildlife Defence League doesn't have a dedicated office or place of work, we're choosing to run our AIR online. 

We're excited to partner with Sarah for our first Artist In Residence. Her work beautifully speaks to the importance of conserving wild places and wildlife. For more information on Sarah's work and to learn how she's directly supporting Wildlife Defence League, you can visit her website

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